английский для начинающих
английский для «чайников»
English for beginners
от какого слова образовалось government
упражнения для тренировки с ответами, английский язык,
что такое вспомогательный глагол?
Past Continuous и ответы на упражнения
какая разница между match/ suit

какие слова можно образовать от different
упражнения для тренировки с ответами, английский язык,
как задать вопрос в Present Simple
Упражнение 4
1.I played with my friend.
2.You saw a butterfly.
3.Sam’s friend traveled in summer.
4.She saw beautiful flowers.
5.I ate a ham sandwich.
6.And my mother ate a cheese sandwich.
7.The cat sat on the fence.
8.My friend’s father worked in the office.
9.My friend’s father traveled a lot.
Упражнение 6
1.How many lessons did Sam have yesterday?
2.What did Sam’s mother buy last week?
3.Where did this actress live for many years?
4.When did the tourists visit the Kremlin?
5.Why did the students travel by bus?
6.Where did you great-grandfather live?
7.What did Gaidar write for children?
8.Why did Peter the Great go to Holland?
(What did Peter the Great go to Holland for?)
9.When did Gagarin die?
10.How many cups of milk did he drink?
Упражнение 7
1.Was Mr.Black in New Zealand many years ago?
2. Was the tablet cheap?
3.Did he travel by train as it was cheaper than traveling by plane?
4.Were the tickets on the table?
5.Did she buy a sandwich as she was hungry?
6.Did your father come* home earlier* than usual?
7.Was the day rainy and windy?
8.Was it 8 o’clock?
9.Did the film begin at 8 o’clock?

Упражнение 15
1.How many apple trees did you grow last year?-I grew two apple trees.
Next year I’ll grow two apple trees more.
2.My grandpa knew many poems but now he is old and doesn’t remember them.
3.Did he know English when he was a pupil?-He didn’t. Fifty years ago German was popular.

Ответы к упражнению 4

1.If it is not expensive I’ll buy it.
2.As soon as he gets an international passport he will be able to travel.
3.As soon as you are 14 you’ll have an internal passport.
4.After you repair our car we’ll make a trip to this beautiful lake.
5.If he injures his leg the doctor will put a plaster on it.
6.If your friend is not in you will leave a message for him.
7.If I am late my mum will be angry.
8.As soon you recognize the criminal let me know.

к упражнению 1а

1.You can borrow my pen. Can you borrow my pen? You can’t borrow my pen.
2.They can have a double room at the hotel.Can they have a double room at the hotel? They can’t have a double room at the hotel.
3.The tourists can snowboard here.Can the tourists snowboard here? The tourists can’t snowboard here.
4.You can have a sleep during the flight. Can you have a sleep during the flight? You can’t have a sleep during the flight.
5.This dog can smell different kinds of drugs



1.I was hungry. I wanted just a sandwich and a cup of hot tea.
2.The day was nice. The sun was shining. The birds were singing.
3.It was 11 p m but my neighbor still repairing something in his flat.
4.I was choosing a present for my son when my friend came up to me.
5.Mr Smith parked his car near the office and got out of it.
6.»Could you get out of the car»,the policeman asked.
7.The receptionist examined my passport and gave me a key.
8.The receptionist was examining my passport while I was looking for my credit card.
Упражнение 10
1. I usually go sightseeing when I am abroad.-Это Present Simple
2. Jack rewrote the text and felt satisfied .-Past Simple
3. «Here is your toy . Are you satisfied?» ,mother said.- Present Simple
4. «Would you like another cup of tea?»- «No, I am not thirsty».-Present Simple
5.What were you doing when the robber to ran into the bank?-Past Continuous and Past Simple
6.John has passed all the exams. Now he is on holidays.-Present Perfect and Present Simple
1.Is there cheese or jam on the table?
2. Are there pictures or photos on the wall?
3. Is there sugar or milk in the coffee?
4. Is there a TV-set or a computer on sale?
5.Is there much salt or much pepper in the soup?
6.Are there fifty or sixty dollars in the bag?
7.Are there books or disks on the shelf?


1.I want You to bring me the bill. I’m leaving.
2.I expect Her to come in a few days.
3.I didn’t expect Him to return the debt so soon.
4.I just want Them to be obedient as they are my children . That’s all.
5.I’d like You to cut my hair the way this woman has. Can you?
6.I’d like Them to win the game. I’m a fan of this team.
7.They expected Us to win the game. But we failed.
8.I’m so sorry. You failed at the exams. I have always expected You to become a lawyer.
9.Mr. Smith knows this woman. He knows Her to live next door to his.
10.Do you know Me to be short-sighted?-I’m sorry. I often forget about it.
11.Do you expect Me to enter the university in spite of my poor knowledge of literature?

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