Как задавать разделительные вопросы? Вопросы с хвостиком.

Disjunctive questions
Disjunctive questions
дисджанктив квэсчинс
Disjunctive questions

Disjunctive questions
Disjunctive questions


Упражнение 1
Задайте разделительный вопрос

1.Helen’s husband is an IT-specialist,__________.
2.You want to be an IT-specialist,__________.
3.You enjoyed yourself during your holidays,__________.
4.The glasses were expensive,__________.
5.The travelers are tired,__________.
6.Your husband earns much,__________.
7.Helen is lucky,__________.
8.She can stay at a hotel,__________.
9.You must pass all the exams,__________.

try- пытаться, editor-редактор, depend -зависеть,disappear- исчезать

Упражнение 2
Задайте разделительный вопрос

1.Last Friday she was at the theatre,
2.He must not have strong coffee,
3.The weather is fine,
4.We can have lunch at the cafe on the first floor,
5.There is a cheap cafe nearby,
6.They’ll perform at the school theatre,
7.He came later than you expected,

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