Как задавать разделительные вопросы? Вопросы с хвостиком.

Disjunctive questions
Disjunctive questions
дисджанктив квэсчинс
Disjunctive questions
как задавать разделительные вопросы
как задать ворос с «хвостиком»

Disjunctive questions
Disjunctive questions


Упражнение 1
Задайте разделительный вопрос

1.Her husband is an IT-specialist,__________?
2.It is cold today,__________?
3.It is not gloomy today,__________?
4.They are your best friends,__________?
5.Milk is useful for health,__________?
6.Children are usually naughty,__________?
7.The temperature is below zero today,__________?
8.This river is not deep,__________?
9.Mr.Smith is not in,__________?
10.Mrs.Smith is your aunt,__________?

husband-муж, gloomy- пасмурно, useful- полезно, naughty- проказливые, below- ниже, deep- глубокий

Упражнение 2
Задайте разделительный вопрос

1.You often stay at a hotel,__________?
2.You do not often stay at your friends’,__________?
2.You want to be an IT-specialist,__________?
3.You enjoy yourself during your holidays,__________?
4.They wear glasses,__________?
5.The travelers do not look tired,__________?
6.Your husband earns much,__________?
7.Helen looks sad,__________?
8.She can stay at a hotel,__________?
9.You must pass all the exams,__________?

enjoy yourself-хорошо проводить время, look-выглядеть, earn-зарабатывать, pass-сдать.

Упражнение 3
Задайте разделительный вопрос

1.Last Friday she was at the theatre,_____?
2.He must not have strong coffee,_____?
3.The weather is fine,_____?
4.We can have lunch at the cafe on the first floor,_____?
5.There is a cheap cafe nearby,_____?
6.They will perform at the school theatre,_____?
7.He came later than you expected,_____?

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