Future Simple

englishreding1 фьюче симпл фьючэ индэфинит
английский язык для детей легко и интересно
как научить английскому языку ребенка
грамматика английского языка
разница между Future Simple и to be going to
разница между Future Simple и to be goint to

грамматика английского языка
грамматика английского языка
фьюче симпл фьючэ индэфинит
фьюче симпл фьючэ индэфинит

Будущее время в английском языке образуется с помощью вспомогательного глагола Will (сокращенный вариант-’ll) I will=I’ll
В отрицательных предложениях Will not (сокращенный вариант-won’t)

The Future Simple Tense

Упражнение 1
Перепишите предложения, используя сокращенную форму глагола и переведите их

1.I will be back.
2.They will travel about Europe in summer.
3.My mum will feed our dog in the evening.
4.I will not work as a doctor.
5.Helen will not go to the hairdresser’s tomorrow.
6.The receptionist will give you a key.
7.The tourists will not go to the country.
8.Who will live in the hotel?

Упражнение 2
Закончите предложения

1.I’ll go to the _______
2.My friend will have _______
3.Sam will work as a _______
4.Sam will work at a _______
5.You’ll play_______
6.The day will be_______
7.You will play the _______
8.They will eat _______

Упражнение 3
Скажите по-английски

1.Я буду врачом.
2.Ты будешь дома в 3ч.
3.Он будет занят.
4.Будет дождь.
5.Будет холодно.
6.Они будут в саду.
7.Кто будет на вечеринке?
8.Кто будет дома?

Упражнение 4
Выберите вариант ответа

1.I will be a doctor.

Yes,I will
No,I won’t

2.I won’t live in the country.

Yes,I won't
No,I won’t

3.I will have a dog.

Yes,I will
No,I won’t

4.I won’t drive a car.

Yes,I won't
No,I won’t

5.I won’t cook well.

Yes,I won't
No,I won’t

6.I won’t cook every day.

Yes,I will
No,I won’t

Упражнение 5
Задайте общие вопросы

1.I will stay at my friends’.
2.Mr.Belov will buy a tablet for his son tomorrow.
3.The director will be in the office in the evening.
4.The customs officer will examine your bag.
5.The passengers will have dinner soon.
6.They will give you coffee.
7.Your granny will come to see you soon.

stay – остановиться, tablet -планшет, tomorrow -завтра, examine -осматривать, passenger -пассажир, soon – вскоре

Упражнение 6
Вставьте глагол be там, где нужно

1.My brother will _______ have a new tablet next week.
2. «I will _______ late as I have much work to do», my father says.
3.You will _______ ill if you drink cold water.
4.The passengers will _______ sleep.
5.My friend will _______ a customs officer.
6.Mr. Wagner will _______ travel about Africa in summer.
7.The receptionist at the hotel will _______ ask your name.
8.The tourists will _______ have coffee and pizza.
9.The day will _______ fine.

next week- на следующей неделе, ask-спрашивать, fine- прекрасный

Упражнение 7
Задайте специальные вопросы

1.The soup will be ready in an hour.(when)
2.You will find your tablet near the TV-set.(what)
3.The customs officer will ask you five questions.(what)
4.The passengers will be on the deck in the afternoon.(where)
5.The tourists will have dinner at a small cafe.(where)
6.You’ll lose your key if you have it in the pocket.(what)
7.The cafe will be closed at 10 o’clock.(when)
8.The hairdresser will cut your hair.(what)

ready-готов, in an hour-через час, find-находить, deck-палуба, lose-терять, pocket-карман, closed-закрыт

won’t = will not

Упражнение 8
Переведите предложения на английский язык

1.The work won’t be hard.
2.You won’t be hungry if you have a sandwich.
3.You won’t have time to play the computer if you come late.
4.The tourists won’t find the street themselves.
5.I won’t travel by plane as it’s very expensive.
6.They won’t buy presents if they come late.

time-время, come-приходить, themselves-сами, by plane-самолетом, expensive-дорогой, presents-подарки

Упражнение 9
Посмотрите на картинку и скажите,что сейчас произойдет.

Использование to be going  в качестве Future Simple

What is going to happen?


Если вы являетесь свидетелем того,что должно произойти, то следует употреблять выражение to be going to для обозначения будущего времени.
При последовательности действий в будущем следует употреблять Future Simple

Упражнение 10

Откройте скобки , используя Future Simple или to be going to

1.Look! The child (to jump) into the water. 2.I think my daughter (to come) to see me at the weekend.3.The sky is dark. It (to rain).4.Jack (to save) money and (to buy) a new tablet.5.The woman is standing at the traffic light. She (to cross) the road.6.Mr. Smith (to go ) to the station and (to meet) his wife.7.The cat is on the table. It (to drop) the glass which is on the edge of the table.8. Mark is holding a stone in his hand. He (to throw) it into the water.

road- дорога, edge-край, hold-держать, throw-бросать

Если речь идет о сиюминутном решении ,то следует употрелять Future Simple

Упражнение 11

Раскройте скобки

1.It’s cold outdoors today.-OK. I (to put) on my coat.
2.I have a headache.- I (to get) a painkiller for you.
3.It’s raining cats and dogs.-Then I (to stay) at home.
4.I am cold.-I (to close) the window.
5.I have an sms from granny. She is missing you.-OK. I (to visit) her on Sunday.
6.The dog is barking.It (to attack) us.
7.Betty is pouring water into the kettle. She (to make) tea.
8.The bag is heavy. -OK. I (to help) you.
9.The traffic is heavy here.-OK. We (to cross) the road in another place.

outdoors-на улицеб stay-оставаться, miss- скучать, bark-лаять, pour-наливать, kettle-чайник,heavy-тяжелый
Упражнение 12
Ответьте на вопросы:

1. A girl is in the forest. She has a basket in her hand. What is she going to do?
2.Andrew is wearing a coat. He has a key in his hand. What is he going to do?
3.Meg is turning on the vacuum cleaner. What is she going to do?
4.There is a sandwich and a cup of coffee on the table. What is Jim going to do?
5.It is 10 p.m. Lucy is wearing her pajamas. What is she going to do?
6.The cat is looking at Betty. She has fish in her hand. What is she going to do?
7.The woman looks at a ring. She takes a purse out of her bag. What is she going to do?
8.A cup of coffee is in front of Bill. What is he going to do?
9.A man is standing in front of the cafe. What is he going to do?

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