Present Simple Present Indefinite
ответы к упражнениям
Present Simple прэзэнт симпл прэзэент индэфинит
Past Simple
ответы к упражнениям
Present Progressive
ответы к упражнениям
Present Indefinite

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ОТВЕТЫ К Present Simple


I like cheese.
They like cheese.
I eat meat.
They eat meat.
I see a dog.
They see a dog.
He (she) plays tennis.
He (she) drinks tea.

Упр. 3
1.Do you like painting?
2.Does he like music?
3.Do you paint well?
4.Does he work at the bank?
5.Does Sam paint cats?
6.Do they have pets?
7.Do dogs eat fish?
8.Doesyour cat eat fish?

Упр. 4

1.Does the woman cook soup every day?
2.Does the man play chess well?
3.Does Mr.Black know French well?
4.Do your parents travel together?
5.Do his friends play chess well?
6.Does his cat like fish?
7.Do his pets get on well with each other?
8.Do you get on well with your parents?
9.Do they have holidays in winter?
10.Do they travel on holidays?


1.Whose passport is it?-It is Mr. Stepanov’s passport.
2.Whose room is this?-This is Mr.Black’s room.
3.Whose luggage is it?-It’s an Italian tourist’s.
4.Whose jacket is it?-It’s that child’s.
5.Whose toys are these?-They are those children’s.
6.Whose tablet is it?-It’s Andrey’s.
7.Whose jump drives are these?-They are the students’

Упр. 31
1.How much is the ticket?
2.What is your favourite film?
3.Which hotel in Europe is the best?
4.Which place in Berlin is interesting?
5.How much is a room in this hotel?
6.Where is the nearest cafe?
7.How much is a cup of coffee?
8.Which museum is the oldest?

ОТВЕТЫ к Present Continuous

Упражнение 3
Вставьте usually или now

1.The workers usually have dinner at 12 o’clock. (глагол have идет в инфинитиве, значит это Present Simple, нужно вставить usually)
2.My mother is cooking dinner now.(есть вспомогательный глагол is и окончание -ing, значит это Present Continuous, нужно поставить now)
3.My father usually goes fishing on Sunday.
4.Look. Sam is riding a bike now.
5.Do you usually swim in the sea or in the river?
6.Be quiet! The baby is sleeping now.
7.The tourists are walking about the city now .
8.I usually wash my pet when it is dirty.

ОТВЕТЫ к Past Simple

Упр. 1
1.You played with your dog.
2.They wanted a new house.
3.I looked at the butterfly.
4.The cat drank milk.
5.You drank tea in the morning.
6.My father ate a sandwich in the morning.
7.My mother ate cheese in the morning.
8.Mrs. Wagner opened the window on a hot day
9.I saw cheese on the plate.

Упр. 3

1.What ddi you drink in summer?
2.Where did your friend live?
3.When did you travel?
4.Where did Sam’s mother work?
5.What did you eat for breakfast?
6.What games did you play?
7.What books did you read?
8.What season did she like?
9.Sam’s friend did not like winter.
10.My friend’s dog didn’t eat bread.
11.My friend’s father didn’t go fishing.

1.How often do you go to the theatre?
2.When did you travel abroad last?
3.What food do you prefer?- I prefer Chinese food.
4.Did you see the Great Wall of China during your trip?
5.They stayed at the hotel during their trip.
6.Do you like the hotel?-No, it is far from the sea.
7.The receptionist gave us the key and said, «You are welcome».
8.I lost my ticket and could not see the film.
9.Many people visit the Great Wall of China every year.
10.The Great Patriotic War began in 1941.
11.Summer holidays usually begin in June.

ОТВЕТЫ к like/would like

Упражнение 4

-I’d like a ham sandwich and a cup of tea.
-Here you are. Anything else?
-Thank you.
-I’d like a cup of black coffee and ice-cream.
-Here you are.Anything else?
-No, thank you.
Упражнение 5

-What can I do for you?
-I’d like a single room.
-Can I have your passport?
-Here is the key.

-What can I do for you?
-I’d like a cup of coffee and a cheese sandwich.
-Here you are. Anything else?
-No Thank you.

-I’d like a room with a bathroom.
-Would you like a single room or a double room?
-A single room.
-Can I have you passport?
-Here you are.
-Here is your key.

Упражнение 6

Из предложенных фраз можно составить следующие предложения

1.I would like a cup of black coffee.
2.I would like a glass of grape juice.
3.I would like black coffee.
4.I would like grape juice.
5.Would you like a cup of green tea?
6.Would you like green tea?
7.Would you like a glass of milk cocktail?
8.Would you like milk cocktail?

Much, many, a lot of

Упражнение 2
1.how many children
2.how much water
3.how many towns
4.how much bread
5.how much money
6.how many roubles
7.how many films
8.how much coffee


Упражнение 14

a cat, a dog, a hunter,a night, snow, ice, pig;
dirty, big,fat, hungry,dark, white,cold, trusty

as hungry as a hunter-голодный, как охотник
as dirty as a pig-грязный, как поросенок
as white as snow-белый, как снег
as dark as a night-темный, как ночь
as big as a pig-большой, как поросенок
as cold as ice-холодный, как лед
as trusty as a dog-верный, как собака

Местоимения some, any, no

Упражнение 1

1.Some tea-немного чая
2.Some tourists-несколько туристов (некоторые туристы)
3.Some passengers-несколько пассажиров (некоторые пассажиры)
4.Some garlic-немного чеснока
5.Some cars-несколько машин
6.Some bread-немного хлеба
7.Some questions-несколько вопросов
8.Some gifts-несколько подарков
9.Some fresh juice-немного свежего сока<.font color="black">

COMPLEX OBJECT (Конструкция Сложное дополнение)
1.Can I see that dress?-I’d like you to show me that dress. (I expect you to show me that dress)
2.This bag is too heavy.-I’d like you to help me with my bag. (I’d like you to bring the bag to my room)
3.Could you change this table-cloth?-I’d like you to change the table-cloth.
4.Could you clean my room?-I’d like you to clean my room.
5.Can you repair my car?-I’d like you to repair my car.
6.Can you come earlier?-I’d like you to come earlier.(I expect you to come earlier)
7.Can you wait for me?-I’d like you to wait for me (I expect you to wait for me)
8.Could you open the window?-

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