Past Perfect

The Past Perfect Tense
#PastPerfect #thePastPerfectTense
когда употребляется паст пефект
когда употребляестя Past Perfect

The Past Perfect Tense

Паст пёфект тэнс
паст пёфект тэнс
настоящее совершенное время

The Past Perfect Tense

Упражнение 1
Переведите на русский язык

1.The chief worked hard yesterday.
2.The chief said that he had worked hard the day before.
3.The train arrived an hour ago.
4.She called me up and said that the train had arrived an hour before.
5.The ambulance took the patient to the hospital twenty minutes ago.
6.Mr Black told me that the ambulance had taken the patient to the hospital twenty minutes before.
7.Did you invite your group-mates to your birthday party?
8.Ann asked me if I had invited my group-mates to my birthday party.
9.Did your neighbour mend his car?
10.Sam asked me if my neighbour had mended his car.

Упражнение 2
Измените предложения по образцу
I finished my test-I said I had finishd my test.

1.Alex saw an accident in Pushkin street yesterday.
Alex said that _______________________________

2.They rented a car yesterday to travel without a guide.
Mr Brown said _______________________________

3.The company produced household goods.
I learned that ________________________________

4.Did you rent a flat when traveling?
My friend asked me if _________________________

5.Mr Black’s family stayed at a comfortable hotel during the trip.
Mr Black said that ____________________________

6.Did you spend the whole day on the beach?
The guide asked me if _________________________

7.The accident took place an hour ago.
I learned that ________________________________

8.My wife bought some household goods.
I knew that __________________________________

9.Somebody was in the house.
The bears guessed that _______________________

Упражнение 3
Поставьте глаголы в скобках в соответствующее время

1.After Sam (to return) from the trip he (to tell) us about the life of ordinary people in Europe.
2.After the book (to be) published Henry (to become) famous.
3.After Pam (to graduate) from the University she couldn’t find job for a few months.
4.Before she (to find ) a job at the bank she (to work) as a baby-sitter.
5.Before Sandra (to star) in a lot of films she (to work) at a restaurant.
6.After the Civil War (to be over) the Soviet Union (to be founded).
7.Before the Civil War (to start) two Revolutions (to take) place.
8.As soon as Peter the Great (to build)a new city it (to become) the capital of Russia.

Упражнение 4
Поставьте глаголы в скобках в соответствующее грамматическое время

1.Who you (to see) before you (to enter) the building?
2.What this man (to do) when you (to see) him?
3.What he (to say)?
4.Who you (to meet) on your way to the beach?
5.Who you (to meet) after the train (to arrive) at the station?
6.How many people the policeman (to ask) questions after the accident (to take) place?
7.What the passengers (to watch) when the train (to stop) at the platform?
8.What the passengers (to see) when the train (to start)?
9.What she (to wear) when you (to meet) her?
10.By what time the plane (to arrive)?

Упражнение 5
Past Simple – Past Perfect

1.Не (сome) back at 7 p.m.
2.He (come) back by 7 p.m.
3.Tim (come) back to his native town after he (fail) his entrance exams.
4.When you (pass) your entrance exams?
5.What you (see) before you (faint)?
6.Some tourists (hear)the lion’s roar and (faint).
7.I (think) that you (lose) your way.
8.Mrs. Johns (think) that the child (fall)asleep.
9.The children (think) that the Father Frost (forget) about his presents.

Упражнение 6
Past Simple – Past Perfect

1.Boris and Helen (to go) to the cafe. They (to reserve) a table there.
2.I called you yesterday at 7pm but nobody answered. -We (to watch) a new thriller. You (to watch) the one I (to recommend) you?
3.After the waiter (to bring) me ice-cream and orange juice I (to give) him money and (to get) my change.
4.I (to wait) for the shop-assistant to pay for the pair of shoes I (to try) on.
5.At the booking-office I (to meet)an old friend of mine whom I (not to see) for a long time.
6.The pedestrians (not to notice)the young men who (to play)the guitars in the subway
7.The train (to come) I (to watch) the people. Some of them (to look) for their seats. The others (to put) their luggage on the luggage rack. The conductor (to examine) the passengers’ tickets.
8.After Mr Petrov (to have)some problems with his heart he never (to drink) strong coffee.

Упражнение 6
Соблюдая грамматическое время, поставьте перед кажым предложением слова автора (I knew, I thought, I was sure и т.д.)
He has come
I knew that he had come

1.The actors have already changed their costumes.
2.After the performance all the actors appeared on the stage.
3.They found a comortable table next to the window.
4.The fashion has greatly changed.
5.There appeared new holidays after the Revolution.
6.Jim has not loaded a new programme.
7.Has this factory poisoned the river with its wastes?
8.Did the students do their work accurately?
9.Did you enjoy the performance?
10.What have you changed in your composition?

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