Present Simple

Present Simple Present Indefinite
Что такое презент симпл,
когда его нужно использовать
Present Simple прэзэнт симпл прэзэент индэфинит
Present Simple
презент индефинит
Present Indefinite
Present Indefinite

The Present Simple Tense
Прочитать правило

Упражнение 1
Составьте предложения, используя данные подлежащие и сказуемые.

I, they, he, she
like cheese , plays tennis , eat meat , drinks tea , see a dog


Упражнение 2
Раскройте скобки

1.I (to see) a ship. 2.You (to open) the door. 3. He (to feed) sheep. 4. Jane (to dance) well. 5. Jane and Jim (to play) in the park.6.This sheep (to eat) grass. 7.This dog (to run) fast. 8.The children (to run) in the park.9. This woman (to speak) English well.10. People (to go) to work every day.

Выберите правильную форму глагола
1.I (know,knows) many English words.2.We (know,knows) each other. 3.They (live,lives) in the same house.4.We (go,goes) to the same school.5.He (have,has) a new laptop. 6.Meg (like,likes) modern films.7.Dick (listen,listens) to modern music.8. Children (read, reads) modern books. 9.My parents (go, goes) to the theatre to see a play by Shakespeare.

Упражнение 3
Задайте вопросы, используя вспомогательный глагол do или does

1.____ you like painting?
2.____ he like music?
3.____you paint well?
4.____he work at the bank?
5.____ Sam paint cats?
6.____ they have pets?
7.____ dogs eat fish?
8.____ your cat eat fish?


Упражнение 3а
Скажите,что это не так

1.The man washes his car every day.
2.Mr. Brown wants black coffee.
3.Mrs.White usually walks in the park.
4.Mrs.White usually makes black coffee in the morning.
5.Mrs.White usually watches TV in the evening.
6.Tom’s brother walks their dog every day.
7.Tom’s sister feeds their dog every day.

Упражнение 3b
Переведите на английский язык

1.Сестра Тома любит чай.Она не любит кофе.
2.Брат Тома моет его собаку.Он не моет кота.
3.Мама Тома готовит сэндвичи.Она не готовит суп утром.
4.Папа Тома работает каждый день. Он не работает в воскресенье.
5.Том ест суп.Он не ест чизбургеры.
6.Том хочет сноуборд.Он не хочет скейтборд.
1.Пол (Paul)путешествует с родителями.Они путешествуют на самолете.
2.Пол живет в Лондоне.Он не живет за городом.
3.Дети гуляют со своей собакой.
4.Майк и Ник убирают свою комнату.
5.Девочки стирают свои платья.
6.Девочки разговаривают со своими друзьями.
7.Ник и Пол не ломают свои игрушки.
8.Девочки не пользуются своими телефонами в школе.

Упражнение 4


1.John,______you got a ticket for this show?
2.Mary ______ got a question.
3.The child _____ a toy train in his room.
4.These geese _____ red paws.
5.This woman _____ a modern washing machine.
6.Does the man _____ a new watch?
7.The waiter does not _____ change.
8.Can I _____ a change?

Упражнение 5
Откройте скобки, поставив глаголы в правильную форму

1.Mary (to look) into the window.She (to see) a dog.The dog ( to run) after a cat.The cat (to climb) up a tree.The birds (to look) at the cat and the dog.
2.The children (to play) on the playground.Tommy (to want) Jim’s spade. He (to take) it.But Jimmy (to want) it too. He (to begin) crying.

Упражнение 5a
Задайте вопросы

1.The woman cooks soup every day.

2.The man plays chess well.

3.Mr.Black knows French well.

4.Your parents travel together.

5.His friends play chess well.

6.His cat likes fish.

7.His pets get on well with each other.

8.You get on well with your parents.

9.They have holidays in winter.

10.They travel on holidays.


Упражнение 5b
Вставьте пропущенные слова.

1.____Pete work every day?-Yes,he does.
2.____you speak English well?- Yes,I do.
3.Does Jane work at school?-Yes,___ does.
4.Do Jane and Jim go to school?-Yes,____ do.
5.Does the man look happy?-Yes, ____ does.
6.Do the children look sad?- Yes, ____ do.
7.Does the parrot fly?-Yes, ____ does.
8.____ children like playing?-Yes, they ____do.

Упражнение 6
Замените в предыдущем упражнении все ответы на отрицательныею
Например : Does Pete work every day?-No, he does not.

Упражнение 7
Заполните пропуски

1.___ you want to get a present on your birthday?-Yes, I do.
2. What ___ a gardener do?- A gardener plants flowers.
3.Where ___ you live?-I live at the seaside.
4.How many people ___you know here?-I ___not know anybody here.
5.What ___a baker do?-A baker bakes bread.
6.Where ___ this woman work?-She works at the bakery.
7.Where ___ you usually buy bread?- I buy it at the nearest bakery.
8.What ___a baker want to make bread?- A baker wants flour, salt and water.

Упражнение 8
Задайте специальные вопросы, начиная с вопросительных слов в скобках

1.Your mum cooks chicken soup on Sunday. (What)
2.Sveta’s friend lives in the country.(Where)
3.You like winter.(What season)
4.The children play snowballs in winter.(When)
5.Her mum goes to the country on Sunday.(When)
6.You eat chicken soup.(What)
7.Your mum makes cakes on Sunday.(When)
8.The children play in the park.(Where)
9.Your friends travel in summer.(When)
10.You work at the bank.(Where)

Упражнение 9
Напишите, когда вы кипятите воду, а когда вы этого не делаете

1.I boil water to make tea.
2.I ____ water ___________________coffee.
3.I ____ water ___________________pizza.
4.I ____ water ___________________soup.
5.I ____ water ___________________a cake.
6.My mother __________ water to make salad.
7.My mother __________ water to make bread.
8.My mother __________ water to make omelet.
9.My mother __________ water to make broth.

Упражнение 10
Вставьте is или does/do

1.Where ___ you buy milk?- At the nearest supermarket.
2.Where ___ the nearest supermarket?-At the corner.
3.What ___it?-It’s a tulip.
4.Why ___ you have so many tulips in your garden?-It’s the most beautiful flower.
5.She ___ not hear us. She has headphones on her ears.
6.What ___ you have in your bag?-My headphones.
7.Where___ the nearest bus stop?-At the corner.
8.You ___ not hear me. Take off your headphones.

-Where are you going to?
-To the cinema. Pam is waiting for me.
-What’s on?
- «Harry Potter».
-Oh,I see. Have a good time
-Thank you. Bye.

Упражнение 11
Вставьте do или does

1.The boy ____ not usually take medicine.
2.The children ____not like medicine.
3.My mum ____not usually take me to her work.
4.The people ____not usually work on Sundays.
5.This man ____not eat much as he is a sportsman.
6.This woman ____not like cooking.
7.____the people travel a lot?
8.____this man go fishing?
9.What ____ a bear do in winter?
10.When ____ people usually travel?-They travel in summer.
11.Where ____your friend work?
12.Where ____ you have dinner during a trip?
13.Where ____children spend holidays?

Упражнение 12
Задайте разделительные вопросы

1.The woman does not eat fat meat,____
2.The children do not travel alone,____
3.You travel a lot in summer,____
4.You go to the country,____
5.Mr. Black doesn’t want a house in the country,____
6.Sam speaks English well,____
7.Sam’s son doesn’t have a pet,____
8.People like traveling by plane,____

Упражнение 13

Переведите на английский
1.Что мальчик ест?
2.Что мальчик пьет?
3.Что ребенок хочет?
4.Что ребенок спрашивает?
5.Когда дети принимают лекарство?
6.Когда у детей есть время(time) играть?
7.Когда у детей есть время гулять?
8.Когда дети получают подарки?
9.Сколько конфет у тебя есть?
10.Сколько конфет у тебя есть в кармане (pocket)?
11.Сколько у тебя питомцев?
12.Почему люди дарят (give) подарки?

Упражнение 14
Задайте вопрос к подлежащему

1.The child eats chicken soup.

2.Your son plays snowballs.

3.Mr. and Mrs. Wagner travel in summer.

4.Her husband works at the bank.

5.The children know French well.

6.Her granny lives in the country.

7.You get on well with John.

8.Mr.Wagner likes fishing.

9.You clean your room every day.

Упражнение 15
Ответьте на вопросы

1.Do you like ice-cream?

Yes,I do
No,I don’t

2.Do you hate jam?

Yes,I do
No,I don’t

3.Do you hate playing computer games?

Yes,I do
No,I don’t

4.Does your mum cook well?

Yes,she does
No,I don’t

5.Does your friend swim well?

Yes,he does
No,he doesn’t

6.Does your friend speak English?

Yes,he does
Yes,she does

7.Do you speak English?

Yes,I do
No,I don’t

8.Do dogs hate music?

Yes,they do
No,they don’t

Упражнение 16
Вставьте do,does там,где необходимо.

1.My friend _____ not travel with his parents.
2.His sister _____ not go to the country on holidays.
3.Tony’s mother _____ not work.
4.Tony’s mother _____ is not old.
5.You _____ not speak French.
6.She ____ is not my friend.
7.The children ____ not see presents.
8.The child ____ not sleep.
9.The present ____ not in the box.

Упражнение 17
Переведите на английский

1.Я путешествую зимой.
2.Мы живем за городом(in the country)
3.У них долгие (long) каникулы.
4.Мой друг кормит собаку 3 раза в день.
5.Ты ходишь в магазин утром?
6.Ты путешествуешь летом?
7.Твой друг работает на заводе (factory)?
8.Твои родители работают в школе?
9.Ты хочешь новый велосипед?
10.Твой отец читает газеты?(newspapers)
11.У меня лучшие (the best) родители.

например: Я-ИЗ РОССИИ.(нет действия, нет глагола)-I AM FROM RUSSIA.

Я работаю.( есть действие)
Я- рабочий.(нет действия)
Мне холодно.(нет действия)
Где он?(нет действия)
Где он покупает молоко? (есть действие)

Упражнение 18
Вставьте IS или ARE

1.This ______ a red dress.
2.This ______ not a ball.
3.These ______ black socks.
4.______ these your parents?.
5.This bike______ not old.
6.These flowers ______ nice.
7.What ______ this?
8.This ______ my friend.
9.These ______ new shorts.
10.This______ a new town.

Упражнение 19
Вставьте am, is, are там,где необходимо

1.I _______ ill.
2.My friend _______ a sportsman.
3.The sportsman _______ happy.
4.The pilot _______ Russian.
5.The doctors _______ at work.
6.I _______ from Russia.
7.The holidays _______ long.
8._______ you a student?
9.Who _______ this?
10._______ it a new house?
11.I _______ from Russia.
12.He _______ from Poland.
13.She _______from the village of Svetlovo.
14.Svetlovo_______ a big village.
15._______ you ill?
16._______ it a good book?

Упражнение 20
Вставьте is, am, are там, где необходимо

1.I _______ do not like winter holidays.
2.You _______ not happy.
3.Tom’s house _______ not old.
4.Mr.Black _______does not live in an old house.
5.The tea _______ not hot.
6.The driver _______does not want tea.
7.The soup _______ not cold.
8.My dog _______ does not eat soup.
9.The children _______ do not live in the country.

Упражнение 21
Вставьте do(does ) или is, am, are

1._______ she a hairdresser?
2.How old _______ your sister?
3.How old _______ you?
4.Where _______ the children play?
5.What _______ you do?- I am a receptionist.
6._______ you a receptionist?-No, I am a director.
7._______ you know the receptionist’s name?-Her name _______ Kate.
8.When _______ you travel?- I travel in winter.
9.What _______ your pet want?- It wants a toy.
10.What _______ your favorite book?
11.How old _______ Moscow?
12.What _______ your favourite film?
13.Who _______ your favourite actor?

Упражнение 22
Разделите слова на две группы, в зависимости от того, являются ли они исчисляемыми или неисчисляемыми.

cheese, books, cakes, coffee, pizza, plates, tables, planes, tea, milk, rooms, stools, hair.



Упражнение 23
Задайте альтернативные вопросы, используя ИЛИ.
Например :You like oranges.- Do you like oranges OR apples?

1.You work seven hours a day.(eight)
2.Women like flowers.(cars)
3.Your mother goes to a hairdresser’s.(a barber’s)
4.His grandmother lives in a village.(in town)
5.Nelly speaks English.(French)
6.Nelly’s sister has holidays in summer.(in winter)
7.My sister eats useful food.(harmful)
8.You are a manager.(reporter)
9.The book is interesting.(boring)
10.The museums are rich.(poor)

Упражнение 24
Задайте разделительные вопросы.


1.The tourists visit museums and theatres.
2.The museum is rich for pictures.
3.You don’t speak French.
4.She does not like flowers.
5.Your sister does not drink coke.
6.The kittens are in the basket.
7.The lunch is not ready.

Упражнение 25
Переведите на английский

1.Почему ты держишь (keep) котят в корзине?
2.Ты говоришь по-французски, не так ли?
3.Этот журналист часто ездит за границу.
4.У меня есть время (time)поиграть на компьютере.
5.У парикмахера нет времени смотреть в окно.
6.Сколько лет этому танцовщику?
7.Какого цвета его глаза?(eyes)
8.Какого цвета глаза твоей мамы?
9.Отель-около (near the) музея.
10.Музей-около моего дома.
11.Что ты держишь в этой коробке?
12.Кто твой любимый певец? (singer)
13.Кто твой любимый писатель?

Упражнение 26
Скажите,что здесь не соответствует действительности

I want to tell you about bears.They live all over the world.There are white bears and brown bears.Bears run fast and climb trees. They go fishing. They eat meat,fruit and berries.Bears sleep in winter.Bears have thick fur, sharp fangs, powerful paws and long tails. They are clever animals and easily taught.That’s why you can see them at the circus.
I am going to tell you about parrots.They live all over the world.They are domestic birds. They can fly but not very well.They have long beaks and long tails.People teach them to speak.
I want to tell you about sharks. Sharks are fish. They live all over the world. They live in seas and rivers.Sharks are very dangerous.They hunt fish and animals.They have big fangs and and long tails.

Упражнение 27
Вставьте don’t/doesn’t там, где необходимо

1.She never _______ goes abroad.
2.My mother never _______ eats meat.She is a vegetarian.
3.My father _______ park his car near the house.
4.Sam _______ keep his books on the desk.
5.I never ______ travel alone.
6.My parents and I _______ live together.
7.They never_______ have lunch at home.

Упражнение 28
Встьвьте not там,где необходимо.

1.Nobody is_______ ill.
2.Nothing is_______happening.
3.You are _______hungry.
4.Nobody is_______at home.
5.My friend is_______abroad.
6.Nothing is_______working.
7.They are _______cheap.
8.I _______ see nothing near the house.
9.She _______ helps nobody.

Упражнение 29
Замените в предложениях глагол tell на say to

1.He tells me to come home at 6 p.m.________________
2.She tells me not to come home late._______________
3.They tell me to show the tourists my town._________
4.Mother tells me to take my sister to the kindergarten.
5.Father tells me to take our dog for a walk.__________

Упражнение 30
Измените предложения по образцу:

Do you think about this problem?-He asks if you think about this problem.

1.Do you know Spanish?-
2.Do you always tell the truth?-
3.Do you hunt?-
4.Do you take your brother to school?
5.Do you travel alone?-
6.Do you live alone?-
7.Do you work in the garden alone?-

Упражнение 301
Переведите на английский язык

1.Я ничего не знаю*.
2.Г.Джонсон никогда не путешествует.
3.Ребенок ничего не хочет.
4.Елена ничего не готовит в воскресенье.
5.Никто не делает игрушки для меня.
6.Никто не плавает зимой.
7.Никто не занят*.
8.Она никогда не берет* ребенка на работу.

know-знать,take- брать, busy- занят
Упражнение 32
Переведите на русский язык

1.Whose flat is this?-It is Sam’s flat.
2.Whose skirt is this?-It is Helen’s.
3.Whose jacket is this?-It is Bill’s.
4.Whose car is this?-My parents’.
5.Whose things are these?-My friends’.
6.Whose passports are these?-The Italian tourists’.

Упражнение 33
Переведите на английский язык

1.Чей это паспорт?- Это паспорт Степанова.
2.Чей это номер*?-Это номер мистера Блэка.
3.Чей это багаж*?-Итальянского туриста.
4.Чья это куртка?-Того ребенка.
5.Чьи это игрушки?-Тех детей.
6.Чей это планшет*?-Это планшет Андрея.
7.Чьи это флешки*?-Студентов.

room-номер, luggage-багаж, tablet computer-планшет, jump drive- флешка

Упражнение 34
Найдите и исправьте ошибки

1.The porter take my luggage to my room.
2.The jump drive expensive.
3.Do Helen want to buy a new tablet computer?
4.Do you usually has your passport in your bag?
5.What are the price of this tablet?
6.How much are the jacket?
7.Does Helen works as a receptionist?
8.How old the receptionist?
9.Your mother and father doesn’t have much luggage.
10.She is not at home,is not she?

Упражнение 35
Вставьте is/are.Переведите на русский язык

1.How much the ticket?
2.What your favourite film?
3.Which hotel in Europe the best?
4.Which place in Berlin interesting?
5.How much a room in this hotel?
6.Where the nearest cafe?
7.How much a cup of coffee?
8.Which museum the oldest?


Упражнение 36
Вставьте much/many и переведите.

1.How _______ is the juice?
2.How _______ money do you have?
3.How _______ people do you see in the hall?
4.How _______eggs do you put into this salad?
5.How _______is the tablet?
6.How _______ bottles of water do you have in your luggage?

Упражнени 37
Соедините две части предложения, подобрав к каждой цифре соответствующую букву.

1.When does your friend
2.What are you
3.He is
4.She wears blue pants
5.Nina is feeding birds
6.What does she do after school?

a)doing his homework.
b)in the park.
c)She feeds birds.
d)come to see you?
f)in spring.

Упражнение 38

Задайте вопросы и найдите к ним ответы. Некоторые ответы отсутствуют. Подумайте о них сами.

1.What do you do with your ears?
2,What does he do with ____ eyes?
3.What does she do with ____ mouth?
4.What do they do with ____ heads?
5.What does it _____________ nose?
6.What do ________________ hands?
7.________________________ legs?
8._______________________ arms?

а)It smells food.
b)She eats.
c)They hold spoons.
e)____________ think.
f)___________ listen to you.
h)_________________ fights.

Упражнение 39
Ответьте на вопросы

1.What do you do to be strong?
2.What does your friend do to be educated?
3.What do parents do to earn money?
4.What does your sister (brother) do not to be hungry?

1,What do you make for breakfast?
2.What does your mother make for a New Year dinner?
3.What do children make for birds in winter?
4.What do girls make for their dolls?

Упражнение 40
Вставьте after/before

________ I get up I take my dog for a walk. _______we come back home I go to the bathroom. ________ I put on my school suit I have breakfast.________ I have breakfast I wash the plates. ______ I leave home I put on my coat. _______ I put on my coat I button it.______________ I leave home I meet my friend and we go to school together.