Past Continuous (Past Progressive)

Прошедшее длительное время
englishreading english reading
Прошедшее длительное время
инглиш рыдинг ван
разница между шел и ушел, между шел и ходил
english reading1
Прэзэнт кантиньес тэнс

Прошедшее длительное время
Прошедшее длительное время
Презент прогресив тенс
Прэзэнт кантиньес тэнс

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The Past Continuous (The Past Progressive) Tense

Прочитайте правило

как образуется Past Continuous

Как образуется Past Continuous

Упражнение 1
Выпишите глаголы в Past Continuous

1.Sam came to my place to give me a present.
2.I was preparing for my birthday party when he came.
3.When my mum came I was making her favourite biscuits.
4.While Sam was looking into the window his dog was eating his biscuits.
5.I put on my raincoat as it was raining.
6.I was putting on my coat when Helen called me.
7.My mum took off her shoes and entered the room.
8.I buttered a piece of bread and sat at the table.
9.I was eating a sandwich and looking into the window.

Упражнение 2
Скажите по-английски

1.Они пошли в лес и насобирали грибов.
Они шли и собирали грибы.
2.Она позавтракала и почитала книгу.Она завтракала и читала книгу.
3.Они помыли окна и затем почистили ковры. Они мыли окна и чистили ковры.
4.Дети пошли на пляж и по дороге купили мороженое.
Они шли и ели мороженое.
5.Она связала свитер и подарила его сестре.
Она вязала свитер и разговаривала с сестрой.
6.Птицы построили гнезда и завели птенцов.
Птицы строили гнезда и пели песни.


Упражнение 3
Измените предложения ,добавив начальные фразы (I saw that, I noticed that, I heard that)
Например: She is putting salt into the soup.-I saw that she was putting salt into the soup.

1.The birds are protecting their nests.
2.Mother is pouring water into the pot.
3.The child is pulling the door.
4.The boys are pushing each other.
5.The speaker is describing the houses in this sector of Africa.
6.Somebody is talking in the next room.
7.Some workers are carrying a cargo.

Упражнение 4
Ответьте на вопросы

1.Were you cooking yesterday when your parents came home?

Yes,I was
No,I wasn’t

2.Were you sleeping when your parents came home?

Yes,I was
No,I wasn’t

3.Were you eating noodles when they came home?

Yes,I was
No,I wasn’t

4.Were you sitting in a classroom yesterday at 10 o’clock?

Yes,I was
No,I wasn’t

5.Were you looking through a magazine yesterday at 5 o’clock?

Yes,I was
No,I wasn’t

6.Were you playing on the tablet at this time yesterday?

Yes,I was
No,I wasn’t

7.Were you swimming the whole summer?

Yes,I was
No,I wasn’t

8.Were you lying on the beach the whole summer?

Yes,I was
No,I wasn’t

Упражнение 5
Закончите предложения , используя одно из выражений:
the whole day, last Tuesday, yesterday from 2 till 3

1.The music was playing ______. I was terribly tired.
2.____ we decided to visit our granny but the day was stormy.So we gave up the idea.
3.Jane was waiting for her husband _____ as they were going to the concert.
4.The child wanted to walk but his mother was cooking the birthday dinner ____.
5.The boys were staying on the beach _____as the weather was fine.
6.I heard the news _____ . So I am not surprised now.
7.____ she moved into a new flat. I helped her with her furniture.

Упражнение 6
Переведите предложения и подпишите рядом с каждым из них Past Simple или Past Continuous

1.Meg was sitting in the cafe and looking into the window.
2.She stood up and went out.
3.It was raining heavily. She was walking down the street.
4.She saw a dog and stopped.
5. The dog was sitting near the door and shivering.
6.Meg took a lump of sugar out of the pocket and gave it to the dog.

Упражнение 7
Поставьте глаголы в Past Continuous или Past Simple

1.I was hungry. I (to want) just a sandwich and a cup of hot tea.
2.The day was nice. The sun (to shine). The birds (to sing).
3.It was 11 p m but my neighbour still (to repair) something in his flat.
4.I (to choose) a present for my son when my friend (to come up) to me.
5.Mr Smith (to park) his car near the office and (to get) out of it.
6.»Could you get out of the car»,the policeman (to ask).
7.The receptionist (to examine) my passport and (to give) me a key.
8.The receptionist (to examine) my passport while I (to look for) my credit card.

Упражнение 8
Переведите с русского на английский

1.Мы весь день бродили по городу.
2.Ребенок целый час задавал вопросы. А я не знал что сказать.
3.Я наблюдал за бабочкой, которая летала по моей комнате.
4.Я посмотрел телевизор и лёг спать.
5.Что ты делал целый час пока меня не было?
6.Сэм ждал жену. Она мерила платья.
7.Его жена купила платье и вышла из магазина( покинула магазин).
8.Кот залез на забор, чтобы поймать птичку.
9.Саманта стояла около витрины и смотрела на платье.Она хотела купить его.

бродить- wander,ждать- wait for,жена- wife,примерять- try on,забор- fence,ловить- catch,витрина- shopwindow

Упражнение 9
Поставьте глаголы в требуемое время

1.What you (to do) while the guide (to tell) you about the city?
2.When you (to make) a journey to Sweden?
3.When I came to his place he (to wait) for me.
4.What the passengers (to do) while the bus (to pass) by the centre of the town?
5.The passengers (to sleep) when the bus (to arrive)at the station.
6.I (to pass) by the porter and (to enter) the hotel.
7.I (to sit) in the cafe and (to wait) for my friend.The waiter (to come) up to me and (to ask), «Would you like anything?»
8.When the train (to arrive) in Moscow?
9.Who you (to speak) to when I saw you in the hall?
10.Who you (to travel) with in summer?

Упражнение 10
Поставьте глаголы в требуемое время

1. I usually (to go) sightseeing when I am abroad.
2. Jack (to rewrite) the text and felt satisfied .
3. «Here (to be) your toy .(To be) you satisfied»,mother said.
4. «Would you like another cup of tea?»-»No, I (to be)not thirsty».
5.What you (to do) when the robber (to run) into the bank?
6.John (to pass) all the exams. Now he (to be) on holidays.


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