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When my parents were young there were no computers. That’s why reading was the most favourite pastime for many people. They visited libraries,they borrowed books from their friends. Nowadays there are still many booklovers. These people have rich imagination which let them create their own characters. Sometimes the story they read has the final the reader wants.
That is amusing. But there are more people who prefer film versions. A film version is much shorter. And a spectator does not have to think if the character is beautiful or ugly. A spectator does not have to think of many things. The director of the film version has already decided what costume the character should wear.
Sometimes the screen version differs from the book greatly.That means the director and the screenwriter created their own story. It amuses too.
There are people who like to read a book and then to watch the screen version. And vice versa. Some interesting films make people read the book to learn the original story. More than that people try to find other books by this writer.
I personally think that watching films takes less time than reading books.


Russian school children have holidays four times a year. In autumn, in winter, in spring and in summer. Totally about 120 days every year. That is enough for them to have a good rest and to get ready to continue their studies.
The longest holidays start in June when a school year is over. It’s the most favourite time for all the children. Many of them leave for children’s camps. Some of them travel with their parents. A lot of children go to the country to visit their grandparents and to get new impressions.
As for me I spend my holidays with my family. I also like meeting my friends. We travel together, enjoy visiting museums,theatres. Summer is time for getting new impressions. When summer is over I am glad to come back to school.


Sport is important in our life. It makes us healthy and teaches us to fight with problems. Some kinds of sport help us to defend ourselves. Besides healthy people look nice. They attract other people. They have more chances to get a good job.
To be healthy you must keep fit. As for me I do morning exercises and take a cold shower every morning. Besides I go swimming two times a week. In summer I go camping, play football and ride a bike.(68)
Most my friends are sportsmen. We often meet to discuss the latest sport news or achievments.Sport helps me to make friends with people.In fact Sport makes our life bright.