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как подготовиться к экзамену по английскому языку
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какие слова можно образовать от agree, science,forget
differ, possible
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#суффикс-tion,#суффикс-ment,#суффикс-able-,суффиксы-ful,-ous,-ture c примерами
префиксы un-,in-,im-,dis- c примерами

Какой суффикc (префикс) поставить?
Начнем с forget. Какие слова можно образовать от этого слова?

forget-забыть forgettable (unforgettable)-забываемый (незабываемый) – если речь идет о поступке,вещи
forgetful -забывчивый -обычно речь идет о человеке
He created a new state so as to not appear forgetful.(About Joe Beiden) -Он создал новый штат,чтобы не выглядеть забывчивым.

The performance was unforgettable. I still remember all the characters and all the actors.
Спектакль был незабываемым. Я все еще помню всех действующих лиц и всех актеров.

Задание 1
Образовать от forget слово, подходящее по смыслу:

1.The show was ____________. I still remember it in details.
2.Steve is too ______________ to know all his relatives’ phone numbers.
3.He is as much _____________ as obstinate.
4.My granny is more ________ than anyone in our family.
5.The trip to Greece was______. I hope to go there again as soon as I have time and money.

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science-наука, scientific-научный, scientist-ученый

Задание 2: вставьте слова, подходящие по смыслу.

1.All the ____________ would like to win a Nobel Prize.
2.Modern ___________ is typically divided into three branches.
3.What is the name of the ____________ who discovered penicillin?
4.What is the name of the _________ that studies thy human body?
5.The ___________explanation of the problem is not clear to the students who are not good at Math.
6.This __________ was famous for his research in the field of Biology.
7.The most important ____________problem is connected with health care.

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agreement-согласие, соглашение, договор
disagreement-несогласие, разлад

ЗАДАНИЕ 3:Вставьте подходящее по смыслу слово в правильной форме:

1.Anne looked unhappy. Miss Marple _________to have lunch with her.
2.After a long discussion they came to an ___________________.
3.There was the only ____________ between them. They could not decide where they would live after the wedding.
4.Nora listened to her husband and said, » That’s a good idea. I _______ with you».
5.You are not right. I ___________with you.
6.Full text of __________ available on website of the Ministry of Defense of Finland.

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Задание 4:Определите, возможно ли то, о чем говорится в каждом предложении.

1.Some birds can fly backwards.-
2.Elephants can lift 250 kg.-
3.A human can live without water for 20 days.-
4.Bees don’t sleep in winter.-
5.A swallow can fly five hundreds kilometers without rest.-
6.A human can drink five littres of water a day.-
7.A human can breathe in water.-

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danger-опасость dangerous-опасный

Задание 5: Вставьте слово , подходящее по смыслу в нужной форме.

1.I didn’t remember the way. It was getting dark. The forest was full of wild animals. I was in __________.
2.A crocodile is one of the most_________ animals on the Earth.
3.A lot of animals are in _________as a human destroys their habitats.
4.A _________ makes some people brave.
5.A grass snake is not_________for a human.
6.The incident was more _____________than I had expected.

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different- разный

Задание 6: Вставьте подходящее по смыслу слово в нужной форме.

1.You can use _________ ways to solve this problem. Don’t be lazy.
2.There is a ________ between these kinds of plants.
3.What’s the __________ between «high» and «tall»?
4.They were moving ___________ways but both of them reached success.
5.Can you _________ a panther form a leopard?
6.I don’t ________. I think they are very much alike.

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government- правительство

Задание7: вставьте в предложения подходящие по смыслу слова в нужной форме

1.__________ are elected by popular ballot and serve terms of four years.
2.Who ___________ Russia in 17th century?
3.The party or coalition of parties becomes the __________.
4.National ___________ are responsible for maintaining internal and external security and stability.
5.How Joe Biden will ______ — if he can ______ at all.
6.He’s been a _________of the country since 2003.

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Задание8: вставьте подходящие по смыслу слова в соответствующей форме.

1.Liz is the_____________ woman I’ve ever met.
2.The_________ place for tourists is Disney Land.
3.There are a lot of __________for children and grown ups.
4.The man in the doorway ____________ my attention. He was making strange signs with his hands.
5.This lake ___________travelers from all over the world.
6.Which ___________is the most popular?

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employer-наймодатель, наниматель
employee-наемный работник

Задание 9:Вставьте подходящие по смыслу слова.

1.How many people are you going to _____ to unload the truck?
2.What’s your________?
3.The _________ fired the accountant who had made a serious mistake in the report.
4.The ________ among the young is high as they have no experience.
5.Ten years ago his company was small. He had only one room and two ________.
6.Can __________force their_________ to take coronavirus vaccine?
7.The _______________ history is an integral part of any resume.
8.Find information about ____________ benefits.

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word formation width depth length

Задание 10 Вставьте подходящие по смыслу слова , при необходимости изменив их.


1.Which is the _____________ river in the world?-It’s the Amazon.
2.The Park Avenue is ____________than the Green Street.
3.Foot ______ is the most important part of shoe sizing.
4.I can’t pick that apple. Give me another stick. This one is not ________enough.
5._______ skirts are out of fashion now.
6.Knee- _______ dresses are sure a comfort dress.

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Задание 11
Заполните пропуски

1.Sam turned _______ to be a good actor.He inherited his talent from his mother.
2.It was getting dark. I stood up and turned ________ the light.
3.Children, turn ________ the page and start reading.
4.Betty finished washing up and turned________ the faucet.
5.Before going to bed he turned _______ the light.
6.It turned _______ that nobody remembered the guest’s name.
7.The lion turned ______ on its back and yawned.
8.Don’t forget to turn _________ the pancakes.

перевод глагола look

look for, look through, look at

Ecological problems and their solution
The development of civilization caused ecological problems. Smoky industrial enterprises, cars and lorries, hunting and fishing, producing furniture,synthetic materials ruin flora and fauna, pollute the air and water.
Water pollution is one of the largest problems in our world. Over 2 million people don’t have clean water. Poisonous water kills fish and animals.It is dangerous for people.

To prevent water from being poisoned we must use the newest technologies, build sewage treatment plants, teach our children to keep water in rivers and lakes clean. One can’t leave rubbish in the places people rest.
Also remember the three R’s rules:reduce, reuse, recycle.
If we do these things we can leave our planet to our children healthy and beautiful.

Задание 12
a)Переведите на английский язык

1.Что ты просматриваешь?
2.Что ты ищещь?
3.На что ты смотришь?

b)Заполните пропуски

1.The boy looked ___the bright toys in the shop window.
2.My father usually looks ____ newspapers at breakfast.
3.Steve was looking ____his gloves while I was waiting for him in the corridor.

trip, journey,voyage,tour

trip -поездка куда-либо c определенной целью и возвращение домой
journey-поездка, путешествие из одного места в другое
tour-развлекательная поездка с остановками , артистический тур или спортивный с целью выстуления
voyage-морское путешествие

Задание 13
Вставьте подходящее по смыслу слово.

1.In 2009, a _____ bus carrying Chinese nationals overturned on U.S. 93
2.The Blacks went to the village to see their parents. Their _______ won’t be long.
3.We went on a ________ of Italy.
4.Meg is enjoying her _______. She’s sent us some photos.
5.Over 1,500 people died during their ________on the Titanik.

В чем разница между hold и keep

hold означает держать что-то в руке

hold money

keep money in safe в чем разница между keep и hold keep означает хранить и держать в любом месте. Hold значит держать в руке

keep money

Задание 14.
Переведите на русский язык:

1.There was nobody in the house but my dog to keep me company.
2. «It’s for you»,he said , holding a letter in his right hand.
3.I promised Pam to help her and I’ll keep my word.
4.What does he do?- He keeps a shop in the centre of the house.
5.He held out a five pound banknote to me.
6.Meg usually keeps tea in an iron box.

speak-говорить (деловой разговор)
talk-говорить (болтать, разговаривать с друзьями)

Задание 15
Вставьте say, tell,speak, talk

1.The professor was ________ in a loud voice so everyone could hear him.
2.I was tired of listening Sue. She was ________ about trifles I never interested in.
3.________me the truth. Why don’t you like my present?
4. Luke looked at her thoughtfully, then he ________: “Why, yes—I think you’re quite right.”


герундий с примерами sure of proud of in spite of

sure of

Задание 16
Переведите на русский язык

1.Meg was afraid of being bitten by a snake.
2.Sue was afraid of falling.
3.I am proud of being a champion. I am proud of having won the Championship.
4.Are you sure of it?
Are you sure of swimming well enough to cross the river?
Are you sure of his swimming well enough to cross the river?
5.In spite of having a lot of problems she didn’t look sad.
In spite of her being late, you may get tickets.
Переведите на английский язык
1.Я боюсь ошибиться. Я боюсь,что она ошибется.
2.Он был уверен,что поступит в университет.
3.Лиз была уверена,что она станет ученой.
4.Не смотря на трудности, мы были счастливы.
5.Фред гордится сыном. Фред гордится тем,что он пишет портреты.

enter-поступать, sure-уверенный, in spite of -на смотря на

Задание 17

Префикс im Когда употребляется?


a) Вставьте polite/mpolite

It’s ______to say : «He is fat». You’d better say: «He is full figured.»
It’s ______ to say: «How do you do?» when you meet an unknown person.
It’s ______ to say : «What do you want?» You’d better say: «What would you like?»

b)Переведите на русский язык

Jack grew impatient as the taxi was late and he could miss his flight.
After a while I became impatient and decided to walk.
An impatient woman who was speaking in a loud voice was getting on my nerves.

grew-стал, flight-рейс, was getting-действовала
с)Выберите possible или impossible

It’s possible/impossible to predict the weather if you stay in.
It’s possible/impossible to predict the weather just looking at the sky.
It’s possible/impossible to say something about a person by reading what he’s written.
It’s possible/impossible to survive without food for a week if you’ve lost your way in the wood.

predict-предсказать, survive-выжить

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Упражнение 18

1.Guard the approach.
2.We must judge our approach carefully.
3.You weren’t taking the safe approach.
4.At first its apparent approach was almost undetectable
5.Approach cautiously.
6. «Devil,» I exclaimed, «do you dare approach me?»
7. «Let him approach,» said Aslan.
8.He did not approach; the sheriff went to him.
9.The baby approached his lips to my ear, «Mummy, can I have this toy?»

Задание 19

make или do

Переведите на русский язык
make noise-шуметь
Don’t make noise. Mother is sleeping.
The children were making so much noise that I couln’t read.
Granny was making much noise by opening and closing the doors of the cupboard.
Who’s making noise in the next room?
make a decision-принять решение
Let’s make a decision.
We made a decision not to go on walking but to take a bus.
Did you make any decision?
Father made a decision to give up smoking.

Переведите на английский язык

make tea, make coffee, make a sandwich

Кто обычно готовит завтрак для твоей семьи?-Мама.
Что ты обычно делаешь утром, чай или кофе?
Я сделал бутерброд и чашку кофе, моя сестра приготовила чай.



Russian school children have holidays four times a year. In autumn, in winter, in spring and in summer. Totally about 120 days every year. That is enough for them to have a good rest and to get ready to continue their studies.
The longest holidays start in June when a school year is over. It’s the most favourite time for all the children. Many of them leave for children’s camps. Some of them travel with their parents. A lot of children go to the country to visit their grandparents and to get new impressions.
As for me I spend my holidays with my family. I also like meeting my friends. We travel together, enjoy visiting museums,theatres. Summer is time for getting new impressions. When summer is over I am glad to come back to school.